Technical Sessions – 2014

ISO Cleanliness Codes – A Systemic Approach For Mobile Equipment Hydraulics

Drying Process of Latex Dust Suppressant Films

  • Anthony Malloy, Quaker Chemical Corporation                   

Towing and Winch Performance of High Performance Synthetic Ropes in the Mining Industry

  • Donna Poll, Samson Rope                                                       

Ground Control Studies for Mining through a Fault Using Retreat Longwall Mining: Field and Analytical Observations

A Comprehensive Analysis of Cable Bolt Anchorage Characteristics

Innovations in Room and Pillar Safety

Greg Karadjian, Immersive Technologies       

MSHA and Advances in Technology: Petitions for Modifications, Rulemaking and Experimental Permits

 MSHA’s New Bleeder Policy – A Brief Outline for Design & Compliance

Technological Developments in SCBA-Based Escape Equipment

Ground Control Issues and Roof Support Practices in Illinois #6 Coal Seam

Dust Control Strategies for Continuous Miners in High Mining Areas and Longwall Shearers

Technical Session Program (Print Version)