Executive Board

Officers, Executive Board and Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be a total of fourteen (14) members consisting of the three (3) elected Officers, the six (6) elected at-large Board of Directors members, and five (5) ex-officio Board of Directors members.

The Officers shall consist of President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.  The services of all Officers shall be without compensation. The term for all Officers will be two (2) years.

The five (5) Ex-Officio Board members are the current Director of the State of Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals or their designee, the President (Executive Director) of the Illinois Coal Association (ICA) or their designee, the Executive Director of the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers (IAAP) or their designee, the Deputy Director of the Office of Coal Development or their designee and the past President of the IMI.

Additionally, board members hold office for three years.

Represented by a distinguished group of officers and board members, these individuals have committed themselves to furthering the purpose and mission of this long-standing institution.  Through their dedication, hard work, and endeavors – the institution remains the foremost association for mining professionals in Illinois.


The Executive Board meets throughout the year. In late summer of each year, the Institute holds the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Mining Institute to provide training and education in the mining field.

The purpose, membership, election and duties of the officers and executive board, meetings, amendments, and order of business are defined in the Illinois Mining Institute’s Constitution and ByLaws.