August Scholarship Golf Outing

IMI is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the annual scholarship golf outing.  It will be held on Friday, August 12th at the Roland Barkau Golf Course in Okawville, IL.  We hope that members and non-members alike can make it to support this cause. 

Interested in registering? Click here to be taken to the event registration page. We hope to see you there! 


IMI Election & Member Dues

As you are aware, the IMI made the decision to cancel all 2020 events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Membership dues and the election of new officials to the IMI would normally coincide with the Annual Event. It is the board’s decision to waive all 2020 dues, but to proceed with the election. All 2019 members are encouraged to fill out this ballot and return it  to Voting opens today and will close September 30, 2020. The IMI looks forward to seeing each of you in 2021 when events can safely resume. Thank you for your continued support.

2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

Another year of the Illinois Mining Institute’s Annual Meeting has come and gone with great success. The event was held on August 27 & 28, 2019 at the Pavilion of the City of Marion in Marion, Illinois. This year featured 50 vendors and brought over 500 people which includes participants, vendors, and 15 mine rescue teams. Additionally, three high school sent nearly 100 students to tour the expo, watch a mine rescue competition and learn about the mining industry and the equipment they use.

The event began with the golf tournament on August 27th and was followed by the first ever “Night at the Mouse Races”.  This event was an instant success and gave all attendees a great chance to network.  On Wednesday, August 28th, the event continued with a busy day.  The mine rescue competition and expo ran all day,  while attendees had the chance to attend the symposium and several technical sessions. The event concluded with mine rescue awards, live music and dinner at Black Diamond Harley Davidson.

As always, the IMI is truly grateful for all who participated and continue help to make our event a success year after year.

2018 Illinois Basin Coal & Mining Expo/IMI Annual Meeting Highlights

Every year the IMI holds an annual meeting and expo to have the opportunity to show-case our region and the benefits of coal. This year was a little different and was called the Illinois Basin Coal & Mining Expo.  The larger event included the Illinois Coal Association, Kentucky Coal Association, Indiana Coal Council, and Hoosiers Count on Coal to make this event the best in the Illinois Basin. 

The event was held on August 7 & 8, 2018 at the Marion, IL City Pavilion.  With 61 vendors, 17 mine rescue teams, and all the participants in attendance the event brought over 700 people!  The event began on August 7th with a golf tournament followed by “Casino Night”.  Awards were presented and vendors and participants alike were networking while playing their casino favorites. On Wednesday, August 8th the event continued with the all day expo and fierce mine rescue competition.  The public, vendors, and participants were then welcomed to the Marion, IL Civic Center for the symposium piece of the event.  This featured coal CEO’s from around the Illinois Basin talking about the state of the industry as well as local politicians and Governor Rauner.  The event was then concluded by live music and dinner at Harley Davidson in Marion, IL.

IECC/SIC Skills Contest

IECC and SIC will be holding a mine rescue skills competition on June 12 & 13, 2018 at SIC.  There will be six teams a day competing.  Events such as Mine Rescue Hose Management and two field exercises will keep participants engaged all day.  Everyone is welcome!  Please contact SIC for more information.

2017 Annual Meeting Highlights

This year marked the 125th year of the Illinois Mining Institute.  The IMI Annual Event was held at the Marion Pavilion on August 29 & 30, 2017.  The event brought nearly 500 people, 45 vendors and 13 mine rescue teams, to attend the events planned for the 2017 Meeting meeting.  As education is an important aspect of the IMI, nearly 100 kids from four schools were able to attend and learn about the mining industry.  Even with lower attendance, the event was still a huge success! 

The event started  with a golf tournament and expo hours and was followed by the first ever “Casino Night”.  This gave vendors and participants alike a great chance to network while playing their casino favorites.  Wednesday started with the all day expo and mine rescue competition.  The event was concluded by live music and dinner at Black Diamond Harley Davidson. 

We cannot wait to see where next year will take us! 


The mining industry plays a vital role in supplying the world’s power. The industry is comprised of many components that support this endeavor. They all come together to meet the energy needs of the 21st century.

National Miners Day

Congress has proclaimed December 6 as National Miners Day. Miners both past and present through their dedication and sacrifices have laid the ground work for present improvements in mine safety and have ultimately improved the way of life for all here in the United States. On this coming Sunday, please let us all take a moment to remember the lives lost, the time given and dedication provided by both past and present individuals in the mining industry.