Remaining true to its mission, the Illinois Mining Institute (IMI) continues to promote the mining industries through technical support, education, and information transfer.

For well over a century, dating back as early as 1893, the IMI has invested its resources to organize, coordinate, and host an annual meeting for its members. This expansive three-day affair is well attended by over 600 participants and continues to grow every year.

The technical education sessions keep members abreast of research, advances, trends, and technology in the mining field. Participants also have the opportunity to explore the latest equipment and technology in the exhibitor area, and to meet with industry representatives and learn more about their products and services.

In conjunction with the annual meeting, the Illinois Mine Rescue Association (IMRA) holds its annual mine rescue contest, with over 20 teams competing to earn top accolades.

The event also includes a gala reception for dignitaries, opening reception, golf contest, and awards ceremony.

Generally, the annual conference and meeting is held in August or September. Many communities have hosted the event throughout the years, with it currently being held in Marion, Illinois.