2015 IMI Technical Program

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Jeff Taylor; President, Sauls Seismic, LLC
“Protecting Yourself from Liability Before, During, and After the Shot”

Anthony (Tony) Malloy; Senior Development Chemist, Quaker Chemical Corp.
“Types of Dust Suppressants and How They Function”

Donald K. Lumm; Project Geologist, ECSI LLC
“Geological Criteria and Methodology for Estimating Coal Resources and Reserves”

Jerad Heitzler; Martin Engineering
“Conveyor Guarding: Standards and Practices”

Yoginder Paul Chugh, Harrold Gurley, and Sankhaneel Sinha; MMRE, SIUC and Jason Tinsley, Minova
“An Analysis of Short Encapsulation Bolt Pull Test (SEPT) Data from Interior Basin Coal Mines”

R. Henry Moore and Arthur M. Wolfson; Attorneys with Jackson Kelly PLLC
“What is the Role of Science in MSHA Enforcement?”
Harrold Gurley and Yoginder P. Chugh; Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, SIUC
“SIUC Dust Control Training Program for Mine Personnel”

John Feddock, Mark Smith, Phil Waters; Cardno, Inc.
“Geophysical Logging in Planning Minimizing Costs in Shafts and Slopes”

Gennaro G. Marino; Marino Engineering Associates, Inc.
“Response of Petro Pipelines to Longwall Subsidence”

Maxwell K. Multer; Dinsmore
“Making the MSHA Inspection Process Work for You”

Louis Ackah; Graduate Student of Dr. Mohanty, SIUC and Samuel Xingmao; Texas A&M
“Low-Cost, Green Technology for AMD Remediation using Water Treatment By-Product”

Dave Anstine, Senior Technical Leader, Building and Chemicals at Imerys
“Development of Moisture Tolerant Rock Dust for Improved Mine Safety”