The State of Coal Affairs in Illinois

IMI Members,

By now, we are all aware of the proposed budget and potential funding cuts that Governor Rauner has drafted and put forth for consideration. This budget has consequences that many are discussing, some of which may affect the mining industry in Illinois.

In an effort to keep you informed, we have included an email from Phil Gonet, Illinois Coal Association, as provided to the IMI Board. We are also providing comments and perspective from John Henriksen of the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers. To further explain the proposed budget funding, you will find an article below from Argus Coal Daily. It summarizes how the State agencies that deal with coal and mining may be affected. The documents are also posted to our website.

The IMI encourages its members and the friends of the industry to stay informed and in contact with their respective state legislators and representatives.

The budget process is in its early stages and changes are almost certain. Let your voice and opinions be heard.

On Behalf of the IMI,

Mark Bryant

IMI Vice-President

Illinois budget offers mixed bag for coal

Source: Argus Media

IL Coal Association

Source: Phil Gonet, President

Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers

Source: John Henriksen, Executive Director

State of Illinois Transportation Infrastructure and State Funding Challenges

Source: Transportation for Illinois Coalition