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  • Joint SME/IMI Chapter Meeting on April 20, 2017 proves to be a success! To view the presentation given at the meeting click here.
  • SIUC Mine Rescue Team                                                                               To learn more about the local team click here.
  • Mine Rescue Teams to Compete in Lexington
    • To view the video and article click here.
  • US mining deaths drop to another new low in 2016
    • To view this article click here
    • Source: MSHA
  • Voice of the Southern: Can Coal Survive? Read the article here.
    • August 28, 2016
  • Dr. Paul Chugh Retires: IMI Recognizes his Achievements
  • National Miners Day
    • Congress has proclaimed December 6 as National Miners Day. Miners both past and present through their dedication and sacrifices have laid the ground work for present improvements in mine safety and have ultimately improved the way of life for all here in the United States. On this coming Sunday, please let us all take a moment to remember the lives lost, the time given and dedication provided by both past and present individuals in the mining industry.
  • The Pride of Being a Coal Miner by Roger Kratochvil
    • To read the six part article click here. 


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